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How currency buy back works


What currencies can I sell?

We buy back notes from over 50 currencies, including popular currencies like US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), Polish Zloty (PLN), South African Rand (ZAR) and Turkish Lira (TRY).

We don't accept coins, damaged notes, or notes with an individual value over 100GBP. The full list of currencies we accept are listed on our Buy Back Form - please read this carefully before sending us your currency. 

More than one currency you'd like to exchange back into Pounds? You can send us banknotes from multiple different currencies in one go.


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Competitive buy back rates

Get more from your unused travel money with our competitive buy back rates. We monitor market exchange rates daily to bring you competitive rates on Euros, US Dollars, Turkish Lira and lots of other currencies. 

We use the exchange rate of the day when we process your notes, not the day that you fill out the form. Exchange rates can move up and down depending on the market, but today's rates give you an indication. 



We compare, you save

Based on exchanging €1000 into GBP
EUR Euro
You'll get
Ulster Bank
John Lewis
Post Office

You could save £58.23

EUR to GBP exchange rates were those quoted over the phone or the respective providers' websites. Rates checked as of 09:39am on 03/09/2021.

Your questions answered

What exchange rate will I get?
Currency rates can move substantially day-to-day and hour-to-hour. The rate used for your exchange is the rate available when we process your exchange. It is not the rate on the day you print your form, send it to us or when we receive delivery. 
Do you buy back coins?

We only accept bank notes – not coins.

Can I exchange more than one currency at the same time?
Yes. You can send back as many different currencies as you like, as long as they are from the list of currencies we accept.
Do you buy back all currencies?
We accept most major currencies but we can't buy back every single currency as there are restrictions in place on certain currencies. Our Buy Back Form lists all the currencies we accept.

We’re also unable to accept any legacy currencies from the countries now using the euro. If you want to double check which countries are using the euro, visit the European Central Bank.

If you’re not sure if we accept a currency, please feel free to give our friendly team a call.

Can I exchange old or discontinued currencies?
Unfortunately we aren’t able to buy any leftover currency that’s no longer in circulation.
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Real people to answer all your questions.

Got a question? Our friendly UK-based support team are ready to help you with your Currency Buy Back.